Below is the payment plan for the 2020-21 season.  Fees include the hockey program, school tuition, and boarding for those who select that option.  Direct fees such as books, school activity fees, lunch, and school uniforms will be purchased separately by the students.  Also, Tuition Insurance is offered via the TeamSnap platform for those that are interested.

Enrolling and Paying your Bill

Accepted Students will follow a 3 step process for enrolling at the Academy

Step 1: Accept and Sign Contract (via DocuSign).
Step 2: Register with USA Hockey.
Step 3: Register with our platform TeamSnap and Pay Your Bill

Need help registering, download our TeamSnap help file.

Payment Plan Information

ClassificationTotalDepositJune 30thAugust 30thOctober 30th
Day Student$28,500$5,000$7,833.33$7,833.33$7,833.33
Boarding Student (*)$33,975$5,000$9,658$9,658$9,658
International Student (*)$37,550$5,000$10,850$10,850$10,850

(*) Not including boarding fees. If you need additional payment extensions, please let us know.

Tuition Insurance

During the checkout process,  TeamSnap offers an option to purchase tuition insurance. Here is the information on the policies:

You can find information regarding what is and is not covered relative to the COVID-19 situation by visiting: